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We have been riding off road bikes, moto X bikes and now adventure bikes for over 40 years now, some of us for not that long as others though.

Dirt Bike Africa came about from a need to get parts for our various adventure bikes that we could not find anywhere in the world. We ride Honda XR650L’s and other adventure bikes  around the Western Cape in winter and wanted some protection from the elements. 95% of our riding is on dirt roads and tracks so the parts had to be rugged and not break when falling off. We were carting our clothing around with us on our tours so luggage racks, waterproof luggage packs became an issue which had to be addressed.  We had rear frame issues on the XR650L from travelling with such a large weight on the rear of the bike which resulted in breaking the rear frame sub assembly so bolt on frame braces were born to solve this. Then other bits and pieces started to be needed. We now manufacture accessories for Honda XR650’s and general accessories for other makes of bikes.

Due to all these needs we started making our own parts and then realized there must be others ‘ out there’ who also needed these bits. “Voilà” Dirt Bike Africa Accessories was born. Go to our accessories page and have a look at what is available now and be sure to go to this site regularly for other new bits and pieces. If you have any special needs please contact us to see if we can help.