Keihin FCR-MX Series 41mm Flat Slide Carburetor

Used complete Keihin 41mm FCR-MX Flat Slide Pumper Carburetor with Twist Grip and push / pull cables & airbox included.

This will add great power to your XR650L.

Features of the FCR Carburetor :-

  • Smooth bore for maximum air flow.
  • Flat slide with vacuum release plate for best throttle response and flow control.
  • Rollers on throttle valves and progressive linkage for smooth operation and control.
  • Equipped with accelerator pump for rapid acceleration without flat spots.
  • Has all the correct parts to fit straight on to a XR650L.
  • Already jetted for a XR650L.

Revolutionary Throttle System

Four rollers are installed on each throttle valve and two on each linkage to ensure smooth movement. Unique "Floating Valve" design throttle valve. Without this revolutionary floating valve design, a roller-type throttle slide cannot maintain a positive seal with the carburetor body, which must be maintained to provide accurate fuel metering.

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Honda XR650L Keihin 41mm Flat Slide Carburettor

  • Brand: Honda
  • Product Code: Honda XR650L
  • Availability: In Stock
  • R4,995.00