KTM 790 / 890 Airbox Pre-Filter

 Open up your airbox, let some air into this room ! This is an easy to install upgrade to limit the dust coming in to the airbox via the snorkels and also the airbox drains that do not seal very well at all. It is an oiled 12mm foam element that pre-filters the dirty air before it enters the airbox thus saving the final filter. With the bigger air intake stainless steel plate this should also allow more air through to the motor. The ECU will adjust the mix ratio automatically so there is no need to re-flash it. An affordable ‘clean environment’ for your bike to save motor wear.

  • Included in this kit is a waterproof filler layer ( 5mm ) so that you can wash your bike without water getting into the air box area.

  • ALL spare parts are available for this pre-filter. 
  • This kit also comes with plugs for the bottom of the airbox to stop water coming in from the drain plugs that are not waterproof 
  • Wing nuts let you take the stainless steel cover off without needing any tools

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KTM 790 / 890 Airbox Foam Pre-Filter

  • Brand: KTM
  • Product Code: KTM 790 Adventure R
  • Availability: In Stock
  • R1,395.00

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