AJP PR7 larger battery box

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AJP PR7 Larger Battery Box

A bigger battery box for using a slightly larger battery.
Here in South Africa we cannot start our PR7’s in the super cold conditions of
a winter’s morning. For us this is the best riding time as summer the
temperatures get to 45 degrees Celsius inland with ease and to be dressed up in
protective gear is no fun. In 2018 the standard battery was a Shorai LFX14A1 –
BS12 that has 210 Cold Crank Amps but with this LARGER battery box we can now
use a Shorai LFX18A1 – BS12 with 280 Cold Crank Amps. It fits in to the same
space under the seat with the same cinch strap. This is a huge help in colder
conditions to fire the bike up on the cold mornings as it lets you turn the
motor over for a longer period.