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Header pipe for 1993 – 2019 Honda XR650L

$ 300.53

  • ZAR: R 5,495.00

DBA special custom made header pipes for your 1993 – 2019 Honda XR650L that not only looks good but gives a substantial increase in power. The standard header is 27mm inside diameter and this one is 31mm ID so it is a 18% increase in size. You might have to re-jet your carburetor to gain the extra power unless it has already been done. This header fits the FMF Q4, FMF Powercore, Yoshimura & Xr’s Only silencers. 

It goes this gold colour after being used for a while ……………….. If needed it can be brought back to the stainless steel colour by polishing.

(7 days lead time from order to shipping)