Honda XR650L Rear Frame Brace – XR650L

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SUPER STRONG – You are going to break your rear sub frame under your seat if you ride dirt roads and strap your luggage behind you, believe me. It’s not a case of ‘ if ‘ it will happen it is ‘ when’ it will happen. To avoid this we make an aluminium frame brace that bolts on to support the rear section of the frame against breakage. It is all bright and shiny so looks great as well. There are a lot of other frame braces around that do not work or are extremely heavy so beware. Ours have carried 30kg on them for 65,000km with no trouble at all so are probably THE strongest ones on the market.

ATTENTION – the new model frame braces are all laser cut in ONE piece so there are no welded joints. All the bolts are COUNTERSUNK now so do NOT protrude outside the frame braces allowing you to use a 140 x 18 knobby rear tyre without any frame brace contact.