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  1. Johan van Tonder

    Definitely value for money, fits over the whole surface of the splines. I like the fact that it can be rotated after a while.

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Honda XR650L extra wide style front sprocket

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One issue with the final drive system of the Honda XR650L is the thin ( 8.5MM ) front sprocket quickly wearing the output shaft leading to break downs way out there or a very costly repair. Another is only one side of the teeth of the front sprocket can be used because the sprocket only fits on the counter-shaft one way.

One way to reduce the wear on the output shaft is to use the wider ( 13.6MM ) front sprocket from a XR650R. Swaps like this usually result in a compromise. In this case the compromise is the XR650R sprocket must be installed in reverse and this causes a difficult installations process and a mis -alignment of the chain. Some riders report that this mis-alignment is not a huge issue given replacing the chain and sprockets is easier than rebuilding the motor to replace the output shaft. But, the mis-alignment will increase the friction in the chain drive system thus wearing the chain and sprockets out more quickly. This is especially true for bikes used daily on highways for commuting. Most everybody agrees they prefer to have the reduced output shaft wear without the mis-alignment.

A way to double the sprockets life would be to have a sprocket that fits on the shaft either way so both sides of the teeth can be used. Bear in mind you can’t wear one side of the teeth all the way through, then flip the sprocket, and expect double life. You must reverse when a normal wear pattern develops. Always lube the countershaft when fitting the sprocket.

Now you can have minimum output shaft wear, minimum chain drive wear with this sprocket.

The design of our sprockets provide correct chain alignment, allows for full spline contact with the XR650L’s output shaft, fit the countershaft either way, and straight up no hassle installation with the OEM two bolt retainer and fasteners. Our sprockets are machined from alloy steel that in every way is comparable to the best offered by other manufactures. The sprockets are then given a heat treatment that provides a compatible sprocket for the Honda output shaft and longest chain wear life possible.

Available 14T and 15T and 16T – please specify what size you require – Please add your sprocket size in customer comments column, thks


Our current record is 8800 miles ( 14,000km ), on a 13 tooth sprocket!!!!!!! then he flipped it over to the other side!!!!!!!