1 review for Honda XR650L Fire Power small tail light

  1. Edihan Janse Van Rensburg

    Installation was quick and easy. It fits like a glove and looks OEM. Much sleeker and nicer compared to original tail light in my opinion.

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Honda XR650L Fire Power small tail light

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The Fire Power taillight & brake light fits perfectly into the mudguard of the stock XR650L taillight on the rear fender. Smaller and much better looking than the original. Functions as taillight, brake light and license plate light.

Honda XR650L tail light wiring set-up  –  HERE’S HOW THE WIRES ARE CONNECTED

This taillight doesn’t come with instructions so I tested it out on my 2009 XR650L and these are the connections. Wires from the taillight you just bought: Red, Black or Yellow, Black w/White stripe (3 wires for taillight, brake light, and ground/ earth)

The wires on the xr650l are: Brown, Green, Green w/White stripe

These are the mixes (Black or Yellow goes to Brown on bike side), (Red goes to Green w-White stripe on bike side), (Black w-White stripe goes to Green on bike side) 

Also – 

Tail light side B&W to Honda Green (ground)
Tail light side Yellow to Honda Brown (tail light)

Tail light side Red to Honda Green/Yellow (brake light)