Honda XR650L Oil cooler

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–  NEW PRODUCT – TESTING has been successful with 4,500km completed on some very rough roads and tracks. 2 x crashes both on the oil cooler side and no damage which is a good sign.

This is not exactly the same as the final model will be but it will not differ much from this. The bolts have been cleaned up and this makes the cooler look a lot neater.
– Honda XR 650 L Oil Cooler —— some pics of the final model attached

·  Stand-alone oil cooler with 6 cores and mounted well within the outside of the bike

·     Slightly bigger than the USA model especially
for the much tougher South African conditions and higher temperatures

·    Better cooling than the smaller USA model for
really hot days

·    Takes the temperature down from 140 degrees
Celsius to 95 degrees Celsius under EXACTLY the same conditions and outside temperatures

·   Easy to mount without any holes needing to be drilled

·   Grill is vented on the side to allow crosswinds to cool better

·   Can be used with DBA bash plate and DBA alternator protection cover

·  PLEASE stipulate if you have an ALTERNATOR cover on your bike or intend getting one as this will change the length of the supplied bolts

Mounting instructions available upon request