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Honda XR650L Triple Clamp – Top

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Now you can get state of the art triple clamps for your Honda XR650L that move the bars away and up from their standard position. Milled out of top grade aluminium billet. This makes riding a lot easier as you now sit further away from the steering center so this allows you stand up straighter and not have to lean over the front end soo much.  With the standard bar mounts when you stand the bars are against your upper legs which makes steering quite difficult. With the new triple clamp you pull up on the front end easier to get you over those mud puddles and it also makes sand riding less daunting. The bars are 40mm higher and 50mm further forward compared to the stock set-up. The triple clamp is also much stiffer so this braces the top of the fork tubes better. This also incorporates a stainless steel bolt on steering locking mechanism so you can still lock your steering up on the bike.

Handle Bar size must be stipulated with order as we have 22,2mm = 7/8″  /  28,4mm = 1 1/8″. You can also get 30mm, 35mm, 40mm bar raisers with the triple clamp – please stipulate which height you want.