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KTM 790 890 Adventure R&S Tower Support Bracket – Extra Strong

$ 48.95

  • ZAR: R 895.00

Don’t wait for your tower brackets to break off and leave you stranded in the bush. The mounting points that are welded on to the frame are made of very thin tubing so are susceptible to breakage. It is a huge job to take the tower and wiring completely off the bike to get the mounting point re-welded on so in this case prevention is much better than cure. It bolts on without affecting any other parts on the bike. This tower bracing brackets saves the top tower mount where it attaches to the frame. The weight of the tower in rough conditions breaks the top mount where it attaches to the frame. This bracket has 60% more strength than any other bracket on the market at the moment due to the bent angle on the upper tension side of it. The lower side is on compression so is not affected as much. Pricing is also very reasonable compared to other brands. It has two bolt fixing points on the tower and two on the frame of the bike.

Our product:

  • Is the strongest on the market due to the folded angle at the top of them. All the other brands do not have this feature so tend to straighten out if the tower mount breaks off. These will effectively stop the top frame mount breaking as they are extremely stiff due to this angle on top.
  • Strengthens the Headlight Tower as the top mounting point on the frame breaks off due to the vibrations on the dirt
  • Very easy mounting of these parts without undoing any parts of the bike – ours are made of mild steel and powder coated orange.
  • Existing screws are re-used
  • A MUST if you are going to be doing a lot of off road riding over corrugated roads
  • A cheap safety system to save any worries in the bush
  • fits all models of the 790 / 890 adventure S, R and Rally R
  • This is a very easy installation to do and requires minimal tools